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#StopAsianHate: Our Statement

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Brothers of Kappa Psi Epsilon Mu Chapter,

The recent events in Georgia and the waves of Anti-Asian racism across the country are disgusting and have no place in our Chapter, Province, or Brotherhood. Epsilon Mu is a diverse population of pharmacy field leaders and several of our distinguished Brothers are of Asian-descent. Seeing the violence towards our fellow Brothers is revolting. Our diversity makes us stronger as a Fraternity and we want to be clear that Epsilon Mu stands with our community.

Epsilon Mu denounces all acts of hate, violence, discrimination, and racism against any group and acknowledges the need to Stop Asian Hate.

We can do better.

We feel that actions speak louder than words; Epsilon Mu’s Risk Management program will be creating a Diversity and Inclusion program to keep focus on issues that may affect our Brothers and create spaces where everyone feels safe and supported. We will also be creating a fundraiser to benefit the AAPI community, and will continue to stay vigilant to other opportunities to reach out and help as they become available.

In light of the recent events, we ask that each Brother rededicates themselves to our values of fellowship and sobriety to support our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities.


Epsilon Mu


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